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The perfect home boxing workout set up from Q-Phiit

 All the equipment you need for our 90 Day Online Boxing  Plan.

Mini bands - Fabric bands are non rip, won't roll up and feel great on the skin, with 5 different intensity levels you can use them for  huge variety of exercises while building up your strength. (X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, X-Heavy)

Long bands - Made from polyester, custom cotton and rubber blend, these won’t roll up or slide around while you’re on your game. They’re latex-free, completely vegan and come in a sustainable cotton drawstring pouch for taking on your travels or in your gym bag. (Light, Medium, Heavy)

Skipping rope - If you’re looking to add variety to your workouts, look no further than the Q-Phiit Skipping Rope. So you can skip with more speed and accuracy for footwork training, cardio or even stamina building. Moreover, each handle has a removable metal cap to adjust the length. The rope comes with a waterproof nylon bag for accessible, tangle-resistant storage.

Weighted gloves - Perfect for enhancing any form of workout, the Q-Phiit Weighted Gloves up the intensity of your exercise, helping to tone your arms in the process. Whether you prefer walking, aerobic activities or boxing, weighted gloves push you harder and promote improved strength. All you need to do is move your arms as much as possible as you exercise to ensure that you maximise your benefits.

Q-Phiit Drawstring Bag -

Is not only your gym bag, but your everyday all in one carry bag. This drawstring bag is made for all lifestyle uses - from the shopping to the gym.

 Embrace the eco-friendly option

Ditch the plastic bag and opt for a convenient and reusabl