Q-Phiit Fabric Mini Bands

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Fabric bands are non rip, won't roll up and feel great on the skin, with 5 different intensity levels you can use them for  huge variety of exercises while building up your strength.

CARRY BAG: Strong, practical and easy to use resistance exercise bands with carry bag. The perfect size for any individual who wants to use at home or carry to a gym as it is lightweight to carry. Excellent quality product and perfectly balanced to suit both beginners and advanced.

BENEFITS: Perfect for a full body workout Q-phiit resistance bands are affective for both upper and lower body training and we have resistance in 5 different levels to make sure you can get a great workout in any exercise you wish to perform with our bands.

FOR EVERYONE: Resistance bands are commonly used by people who participate in CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, strength training, martial arts and rehabilitation.